• American Islamophobia:
    The Roots and Rise of Fear

    University of California Press

    This book explores the recent emergence of Islamophobia in the United States, and ties it to the embedded history of anti-Muslim bigotry that has prevailed for centuries. A scholar in the field, Beydoun interweaves his expertise with compelling narratives, personal stories, and intersectional analysis that illustrates the complexity and fluidity of Islamophobia.

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Yusor Abu-Salha was far more than the headscarf she carefully wrapped around her head every morning and removed every night. The twenty-one-year-old was a fresh college graduate, having just earned a degree in biology from North Carolina State University.


  • “I remember the four words that repeatedly scrolled across my mind after the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. ‘Please don’t be Muslims, please don’t be Muslims.’ The four words I whispered to myself on 9/11 reverberated through the mind of every Muslim American that day and every day after.… Our fear, and the collective breath or brace for the hateful backlash that ensued, symbolize the existential tightrope that defines Muslim American identity today.”


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